How can a user spectate the progress of a project?

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DTT // Interaction design, Visual design

Project duration: 2 days

While I was searching for an internship I got in contact with DTT. In their recruitment process they had an assignment as a way to test participants of their internship programme.


When I saw the assignment I was actually quite surprised, the reason was because I already had an internship where my main task was: creating an extensive project manager for creative teams.

So before I started working on this little project I decided to look back at my old work and use it to create a good basis for this project. I wanted to focus on exploration within the application.

I broke up the phases of creative projects into 6 different parts.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Concept
  3. Research
  4. Design
  5. Prototype
  6. Implementation
I wanted to create an easy overview in which people could navigate through these phases, which in turn makes it easier to oversee a project.


I am a person that like to overthink. So in creating an overview app like this I like to think about every little thing a person could do, and I try to create screens that make it possible for them to do it.

I wanted to give people the flexibility to change and control the way they saw the interface. Spectators could:

  1. Change the phase overview to a simplified version.
  2. Change the way items were grouped together.
  3. Change the way files were shown.
  4. Change the timeframe (years, months, days).
  5. Synchronize their calender with the app.
Because I wanted to make it easy for user to switch phases they could do this by swiping from left to right (and vice versa). If they wanted to move to a different month they could swipe from the bottom to the top (amd vice versa).

They could add projects with a project code that they would receive from the team they want to oversee. Once they've added that the system will do the rest (in organization). It all depends on how the team enters the data, even though the overseer can still sort within the application.

Important elements could be marked so you could easily revisit them again. Think of it as instagram's saving interaction. The reason why I did this is because some deadlines are more important then others, and differentiating that within the app gives the overseer power.


As this was a "fake" project and just an assignment for an internship there was no implementation phase. I sent it and awaited a reaction.

While working on the project I kept an hour log in which I explained what I did by the hour. I also made sketches before I started designing the app. If you want to see the full app with the flow explained you can see it right here!


It was interesting to make a project just to show what I could do and if I was up for the challenge. Unfortunately I didn't make the cut.

It felt interesting to create just to get hired, but it also felt like a waste of time as I was busy with creating with the gamble of not even getting something out of it. It's also unbalanced in the way that the effort isn't returned even in the feedback process.

But I guess that's part of the gamble.