How do you make an audience experience someone's expertise digitally?

I always wanted to collaborate with fashion in some way. I never got the chance until my good friend (Nilofar Attahi) asked me to help her with a project she had at the Amsterdam Fashion Insitute

Naturally I said yes.

A different way

Gen 25 iNDiViDUALS wanted to tackle their whole marketing and fashion show in a different way. This started with the marketing focusing on creating a fake fashion party to challenge the status quo with regards to the reason why people are at the party in the first place see more about that here (do note that this is a Dutch article).

For their fashion show they wanted to create an experience for the visitors, my focus in this was showing the visitors what it's like to work as a fashion manager. But how do you convey that in an exposition?

A new sort of expo

We needed to understand what we could do to make sure that visitors of the expo could get the experience we aimed for. We mapped out where visitors would walk so we knew what our ground was. Together with my good friend Nilofar we started researching what has been done before. We looked at videogames, interactive exhibitions and other experiences where you have to immerse the active actor. We also made a video of us exploring these interactions.


After the brainstorm sessions and sketching out the path of the user we knew what we wanted to build. We would build a "game" similar to the choose-your-own-adventure games. A person would get a situation in front of them and make the choices that a fashion manager would normally make. After they made a choice they would see a video that reacted to their choice (think Netflix Bandersnatch).

We made it a small experience so a person would understand it in a short time. We mapped out the entire experience so we could calculate the timing of all the videos and how we could make the experience snappy. See the flowchart down below.


The exposition was succes, we even got the attention of Vogue Italia. All in all it was fun to work on a unqiue project like this and to help with showing the hard work behind a big production like this.

Looking forward to the next unorthodox/unique project!