I like to create 3d illustrations and animations in my free time

I always had a fascination for 3D works but it always looked too complex for me to get in. In 2019 I decided to just start and I downloaded Cinema4D to my pc. Knowing it's price and me not knowing how long I would pursue this, I downloaded Blender and started diving deeper into the 3d world.

Growing into this

Stepping into this world was not easy, it was quite daunting as I had to learn a whole new interface and workflow before I could even think of creating my own visualisations. Luckily the internet has a lot of tutorials that helped me get into the nitty gritty of Blender and Cinema4D.

Animated works

After learning the basics I thought of making animated pieces, but I didn't know about the limitations of my own computational and how certain scenes would take much longer to render. Nonetheless I wanted to try to communicate my creativity in multiple ways, animation being one of them.


To challenge myself even further I decided to setup an instagram with my girlfriend and make artworks for a month. We would pick a month and choose an activity to do everyday, I started with music first and after finishing that month I chose to create 3D visuals. You can find the instagram here.

Within monthlyvision I also got the chance to create a full set of art pieces that had a relation to each other. I visualised concepts that humans experience that are normally not tangible, and I visualised them. You can find the project on my behance


I wanted to create an creative outlet for myself. A place where I could express the images and ideas I had inside of my head. Through Blender and other tools I have been able to do that. To be able to express myself in these ways makes me happy and also helps me with keeping that creative energy flowing in my work life.

If you get the chance to learn a new skill today, next week or maybe even next year please do. Atleast try it out You never know what part of yourself you may discover!

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