I picked up a new skill to express my creativity

I have had an interest in creative coding for some time now, but I never took the time to find a place to work on those skills. Until I saw this creative coding course by Bruno Imbrizi.

The skills I've received through this course, I will be able to use in future projects and I look forward to it.

How do I do this?

Well colour me surprised when my math teacher was right about everything all along. Creative coding is basically making use of formulas to create different visualisations.

Knowing the math helps tremendously with creating the visuals you want. I had a hard time visualising what the code does exactly so I had to constantly refresh to see the result of my coding.

Wow, it works!

By using canvas-sketch I was able to create multiple visualisations and even get the ability to experiment with the assignments I've worked on before.


Working on these visualisations made me see the power that math holds and how much you can do with it. I want to keep working on my knowledge of web techniques and create unique interactive web experiences!

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