A little bit about me and who I am.

Hello, I'm Tevin Stuurland a Product Designer working on interfaces and tools to help start-up employees make the most of their equity at Secfi.

I've been born and raised (partly) in Amsterdam. I currently live together with my beautiful girlfriend in Almere. Before I became a designer I almost decided to become a Judo instructor as I was a Judoka for 12 years.

My passion for design has been nurtured through the many objects I have interacted with throughout the years. I was always questioning why things were a certain way, looking for the why behind the choice. With design I can find out the why and help people while doing so. I've had the chance to dive into many different worlds and I always look forward to the next adventure.

I like to play videogames and make art in my spare time. And sometimes I (rarely) type about things that I think about.

Here's me posing for a picture.


  • University of Applied Sciences | 2015 - 2020
  • Media College Amsterdam | 2011 - 2015
Previous Work places
  • Informaat | 2021 | UX Designer
  • bunq | 2020 - 2021 | Product Designer
  • Netherlands Cancer Institute | 2020 | Interaction Designer
  • See my resume!