an image depicting me, Tevin Stuurland

Name: Tevin Stuurland

Age: 25

Current Location: Almere, Flevoland

Birth Location: Amsterdam, North-Holland

Hello! We’ve already been acquainted on my homepage. First of all thank you taking the time to look at my work, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been creating things for about 9+ years now, I’ve been a student the entire time. Both metaphorically and actually.

In those years I’ve also made some freelance work and created some work purely because I wanted to. I love learning new things and putting it to work, I also love using my skill to fix problems in a creative way.

Check out my resume!

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These are the skills that I've been cultivating for the last years:

  1. Design (Visual, UX, Interaction): 8 years
  2. Photoshop: 8 years
  3. HTML: 8 years
  4. CSS: 8 years
  5. Illustrator: 6 years
  6. Indesign: 6 years
  7. After effects: 4 years
  8. Premiere pro: 4 years
  9. Javascript: 4 years
  10. Concept creation: 4 years
  11. Emerging Technologies (AI, IOT, AR/VR): 2 years
  12. Sketch: 1 year
  13. Blender: less than 1 year


I have a few hobbies.

I like making 3d artworks and posting them. I have an art account together with my girlfriend. On this art account we challenge ourselves to do something a whole month. You can see it here. Next to that I enjoy fighting sports (I've done Judo, Boxing and Kendo), videogames and manga!